Friday, May 15, 2009

PDFShuffler Is Wonderful

My thanks for the comment that pointed me to PDF Shuffler. What an awesome piece of software, and a big help for us. When I first tested it, it only supported 24 bit color. I submitted a bug report and within a few days it was already fixed to work in 16 bit as well.

You drop and drag PDF pages right into the UI, and all of the pages load as thumbnails. You can then shuffle them into any order you want, and you can delete individual pages with a right mouse click.

I have already taken some initial steps to possibly bounty out a few more features:

- Drop and drag of photos which insert as a PDF page
- Drop and drag of OpenDocument files which convert to PDF pages.
- Running total at the bottom to show total number of pages, and total file size of the resulting PDF.


Anonymous said...

Surely something that ought to be in Evince... you've been able to do this in Preview on the Mac since Leopard came out 18 months ago...

Stefan Stuhr said...

One could use GdkPixbuf and Cairo (the Python bindings) to add support for photos.

As for ODF files, there's a Python script (LGPL) [1] that uses (a bridge to) itself to do document conversion. Based on this code, one could add to PDF conversion in the document import of PDF-Shuffler.


Dave Richards said...

Actually I wish this feature was in OpenOffice itself. People really struggle with this kind of stuff, and it sure would be nice for OOo to innovate and include features not found in the "other" product.

pyodconverter looks like an excellent idea. It seems like it won't be difficult to really come up with a unique little application which will help people NOT have to buy Acrobat Pro to simply shuffle slides!

Anonymous said...

i 'm glad i helped you by commenting about pdf-shuffler.
I hope this features are implemented too.

dflock said...

PDFShuffler is great, thanks for alerting me to it's existence! I also found Final Page on freshmeat:

It looks similar and may be worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't want its functionality to put into a program I *don't* want to use, such as OpenOffice. Make one application that does its job and does it well, following the *nix philosophy. This is an amazing program, especially since every other pdf merger I tried other causes some errors in the PDF (not in the merging, but displayed in the terminal output when I viewed the PDF; this was with using gs), or just wouldn't compile. Thanks for the article.

Kazé said...

Thanks for the trick, pdf-shuffler worked fine for me. Now I can edit PDF pages with Inkscape and merge pages together rather easily.

I still wish there was a simpler/better way to edit PDF files on Linux, e.g. to sign PDF documents with my Wacom pen tablet.