Saturday, May 30, 2009

Evolution Picture Gallery Under Development

During the 2008 UI Summit, one of the things that I mentioned is that once people get a file manager in software, you lose them. They don't understand navigation and files and directories (right Sebastian Faubel?). The two most popular features in OpenOffice believe it or not are the email button which automatically attaches the current document to Evolution, and also the picture gallery. When you click on the picture gallery button, clipart and photos are displayed and they can drop and drag them right into OOo Writer.

Pepp and Mbarnes have hacked on a patch to integrate that feature into Evolution. The beauty of the patch is that it consumes no real estate for those that don't want to use it. We currently have an icon on the desktop that opens Nautilus with emoticons and city logos; once this patch is merged I'll be able to move all of those pictures directly into Evolution.

OpenOffice allows you to add your own Galleries, so in theory the two could be synced for consistency.


Rabe said...

did i get it right, that it uses openoffice libraries?

wouldn't be the apple-approach in file chooser the better one?

Dave Richards said...

Nope, not sharing anything with OpenOffice. But you could in theory connect to the same Gallery with OpenOffice so that the two matched.

Sebastian Faubel said...

right, Mr. Richards. :) Btw. if you haven't read it yet: I blogged at the organise website. Postcards are on the way..

Van Gogh said...

Reminds me of

We really shouldn't be 'hacking' this sort of thing into individual apps, we should have libraries (in both senses of the word) that every freedesktop app can share.

Dylan McCall said...

Van Gogh: Reminds me of something I'm working on, too :b

Indeed, it'll be nice when applications can stop doing this. Nice stuff for the time being, however, since my supposedly magic library doesn't yet exist!

Dave, can I borrow a quote from here?
"once people get [to] a file manager in software, you lose them"
It is quite perfect.

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