Thursday, January 26, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

Now that the tuning issues have been resolved, we have started to move more and more users over to the GNOME server. Just now we hit a new high of 108 concurrent users logged into one server.

And as promised let's see how the server is doing with the 108 users. (shots below). The answer is: excellent. Time to ramp up workstation upgrades and move more people over. There have been a few bumps in completing this project but it's been worth the effort. All City employees will be able to log in and get core software packages (Browser, authentication, word processing, image editing and more) without any license costs.


Anonymous said...

What's the window manager/theme you're using in those screenshots, if I may ask? Thanks.

Dave Richards said...

@anonymous: It's called Metacity-Motif. Sometimes I feel a desire to return to a more old school Unix look and feel and use it. :)