Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DBus Fixed + Support Portal Changes

After a lengthy process, finally there was a solution in the issue of dbus not allowing more than about 95 users into our new GNOME server. Dbus needed to be patched (thanks Vincent!), and then we continued to hit the limit of 1024 files being opened by the user 'messagebus'. /etc/sysconfig/ulimit has an entry that is supposed to configure the number of files that a user can open at once. It turns out that PAM is performing the same function and was doing the blocking. So I made the change as seen below to /etc/security/limits.conf and it worked. I don't see any other roadblocks and we'll start moving people over to the new server in greater numbers starting next week. Good news!

And here is our support portal showing the 100 concurrent load, woohoo.

We met yesterday and finally made some decisions on the way that NX will be implemented for outside connections. The world has changed greatly in 5 years since the last install, and we are trying to find the right balance between security and functionality. I added a new tab to the portal to show "Logs" and we now can see people logging into the GNOME server is real time. The servers are full of information to alert us that people are having problems or technique issues; so I started to gather all of that information and get it into a new section called "Alerts". We'll be able to see people who tried to launch software that they do not have a license to run, crashes, password problems and problems with settings. This should allow us to be a bit more proactive and do more with less (tm).

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