Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The iPad Villagers At The Gate

The picture above is how I feel lately concerning the user community and using iPads. If you support end users, I'm sure you know what I mean. :) It should have been fairly painless to implement as a thin client, but unfortunately the NX 4 release is taking far longer than anticipated. We have not yet seen anything ready for deployment on tablets and because of the torches we are going to begin testing under another design. This should give the users the same presentation but it's a bit clunky, we are hopeful this a short term (very!) design.

Instead of the tablets connecting to the GNOME/Linux server directly with NX 4, we are going to add a VM instance of Microsoft Windows and use the RDP protocol. Users will use a RDP client, connect to Windows and once authenticated will immediately start the NX client on Windows and connect to GNOME and give them the new desktop. The diagram below shows how it will work. This is -very- nasty, but unfortunately we have to move *something* into general testing.

Another quick project came to me, the desire to make Beagle scan small subsets of our data and make it easier for end users to find just documents under a certain category (folder). So I hacked our Beagle front-end and added "Spotlight Searches" which simply reduce the number of documents returned in the query. Users cannot build complex queries on the command line, things need to be very simple and this meets that goal. If they want to scan just our City Policies for certain key words, it's just a few clicks away.

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Anonymous said...

I think NX should just write a native iPad client, much cleaner and faster. :)