Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gotta Love Glade + Python

It's wonderful to have ideas in your head and be able to quickly get them prototyped and running. Using Glade and Python, I was able to connect the features that we need to make it easier to support our thin clients remotely. The software is detecting the number of monitors, resolution of the monitors, whether DVI or VGA is in use, color depth, Xserver size, uptime and ping response. It also allows us reboot the device, reset back to factory defaults, request remote control access and get a command line prompt from the Linux OS on the thin client for troubleshooting. (There are local processes that run and might have to be checked: Rdesktop and PulseAudio are two examples). I also have it snapping a screenshot and placing it over the top of the monitor image. I'm just using -gravity north from "convert" right now, and it's going to take some tinkering to get the various aspect ratios to fit correctly...but I'll leave that for a Friday afternoon project. :)

My coworker Brian had great luck with FOG today, wake on LAN is working and we configured all of the thin clients in our training room for PXE boot. Using FOG and the new server side storage of settings we were able to easily push an update to the thin clients, they rebooted and configured all of their settings and then booted right up to our XDMCP chooser. Very cool stuff, and we are looking forward to continued testing.

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