Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Now Testing A Fullscreen iPad UI

The iPad work flow that I mentioned the other day is working well. The original design was going to put documents into a 7/8ths screen mode and have a panel sitting below. The overwhelming consensus was it was far better to be able to view and markup documents in full screen mode. This gave me a lot more real estate to experiment with some designs. Please, no UI nazi comments. :) The shot below is what is being tested. Widgets and art are not final and the layout is not complete. But this clearly displays all of the documents the users have put into their MobileDocuments folder and allows them to easily copy documents that others have marked as being shared. The buttons and spacing are for fingers and a stylus. The user taps the thumbnail once and a larger preview displays, they can then edit the document or send it out via email. They can also create empty PDFs (Xournal) and OpenDocuments (OpenOffice) with just a single click. The software preselects a file name and saves it once, all they have to do is begin the construction process.

Some new art, a nicer theme and a bit of alignments and we might have something that can be pushed to some beta testers. Documents are 100% always on the server and can never be lost.

Dragon Naturally Speaking testing is going well too, and text is pasting into documents with just a few taps. Fun stuff.

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