Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Interesting Usage Stats

We have 2 servers that allow users to get GNOME desktops from our thin clients. I wrote a little script to display usage stats just for my information. Now that we have been live for a while, the data is probably settled to a plateau. Just north of 50% of users have continued using Compiz/3D effects. Around 1/4 of those that enable 3D effects also turn on Avant Window Navigator. I would be happy to share all of my observations at a Largo Hackfest (cough, cough), once the dates are scheduled! :)

The first server (A):

Total Users: 162
3D Users : 78
NX Users : 32
AWN Users : 19
Total On 3D Capable Hardware : 130
Percent Running 3D : 60 %

The second server (B):

Total Users: 118
3D Users : 41
NX Users : 32
AWN Users : 14
Total On 3D Capable Hardware : 86
Percent Running 3D : 47 %


CMoi said...

Well I don't find this interesting without any informations about your users.
Are they office workers ? students ? guests in a cyber café ?

Dave Richards said...

cmoi: Governmental office workers who mostly run Evolution and OpenOffice and then some specialized applications for their departments. We are a local City that runs as much Linux as we can when appropriate.

Ethan Anderson said...

gnome-do docky FTW