Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gotta Love the HP 4410t

I'm just about done with our thin client updated operating system, and am *very* impressed with the HP 4410t laptop form factor. It boots super quickly to the chooser, and the Intel Xorg drivers found in Debian Squeeze/Sid are excellent. 3D rendering is fast and responsive, video playback is fast and frame rates are high. I finally got Pulse installed and it found the audio hardware and playback is excellent.

My thanks for everyone that works on all of these software packages, you make my job a lot easier!

Shot below is two concurrent video and audio streams with cube turning. The 4410 was able to do this perfectly with no dropouts. This test was performed on the 1Gb ethernet port and everything is being pushed over the network.


Leif said...

thin-client there's an oxymoron

Kevin said...

You should try the upgraded gnome-mplayer

Dave Richards said...

leif: This solution is better than the current design for mobile users. Buying fat PCs and having them log in with NX. That's way too much operating system and cost for how it's used. For the most part, documents are never edited on local laptops.

kevin: The watchful eye of the developer, and seen from a fuzzy iPhone picture. :) I just looked and I have 0.9.5 running, let me grab a new tarball.

Nicolas said...

The HP 4410t is based off of the recently released ProBook series and is designed with security in mind.

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Jason said...

how simple was it to install ubuntu on the 4410t? I've been looking for instructions but haven't found anything. Is it just as easy as a regular desktop computer install? Any help would be great! thanks.