Thursday, March 06, 2008


Off and on I have been tinkering with screenlets. Poking around, I found that the dbus-python package that ships with OpenSuse 10.2 does not work with them. After some updated RPMs were installed, things started working. I went through the shipped screenlets and the extra third party ones and installed those that were appropriate for business and to be run on a server. (I don't want users watching the temperatures of the CPUs :) ). I also did not feel the screenlet manager could be deployed to users, and created unique icons for each application. It all seems to work fine.

Screenlets are written in Python, which should allow us to rapidly develop some small standalone applications that look great from the users perspective. I already have a few ideas:

- An application that shows realtime status at our recreation sites, money received in the current day.
- An application to show the items on the upcoming Commission meetings via iCal.
- Show current and upcoming meetings in conference rooms.

Thanks to those working on that project, this will allow the Linux desktop to continue to have excellent presentation. As much as we hate to admit it as IT people, much of the success of technology comes from eye candy.

The screenshot below was taken with a camera, and shows exactly the current users experience on our thin clients.

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