Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Compiz Bounty Possibility

We use a development tool for City applications that is using the Motif widgets. When I have more time, I'll create a detailed blog about why we continue to use this product. It really works very well, and allows for developing business applications with just a few clicks.

I suspect Motif applications are not tested on Compiz heavily and we have two minor problems. If anyone wants to chat with me about a possible bounty, find me on the IRC as 'dave_largo' and private me to get my attention.

The first issue is that about 1 out of 100 times a motif dialog box will open as 1 pixel by 1 pixel. See the two shots below, one is how it *should* look and the other is how it looks when if fails.

(note small emerald container hovering over the application)

(The next time that I clicked on it, it worked fine)

The other issue is that this application loses focus when you move your mouse off the UI. On Metacity, it works correctly. So the users are having to always keep their mouse hovered over the top of this screen, which will force us to re-train people.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the tiny dialog issue in Ubuntu Gutsy with the proprietary math software Maple (which also uses something old that looks like motif). At the time I looked around and it seemed the issue was reported: so maybe there is already a fix around.

Pretty much convinced me to wait for compositing metacity instead of using compiz.

Anonymous said...

Is compiz set up to use focus follows mouse? Sounds like how my system behaves, but with me it's deliberate.

Dave Richards said...

Compiz is not configured to follow the mouse. All GNOME applications work as expected and you can continue to type in the window on the top of the stack even if the mouse is moved. It really seems to be a bug.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing a similar effect (tiny dialog boxes) with the Motif-based application NEdit , which is a very nice text editor.

This app also does not work correctly with the Opacify plugin. Neither do plplot plotting windows.