Saturday, June 30, 2007

550 More To Go

Trucks pulled up to Largo on Thursday and Friday with multiple pallets of HP 5725 thin clients. We pulled 10 out of the pile and tested them to ensure that nothing had changed since our beta units. Everything looks great. All city employees will soon have far better performance and the opportunity to run 3D applications and the 3D desktop.

BigSur of Tampa will be assembling them next week, and IT Support will be placing them around the City at the various facilities.

10 down, 550 more to go.


Anonymous said...

Because city workers need 3D Excel, to see where the cost is going

Dave Richards said...

Go back and read all of my posts, I don't think you would have made this comment. ^^ We are probably the most conservative shop when it comes to spending money for IT. Our thin clients are being purchased for a 7-10 year duty cycle and it's important to get them equipped as best you can for that time frame. More and more applications are being developed that need 3D. Google Earth on Linux requires it. Beryl/Compiz require it. For only 50 dollars extra a device, it's well worth the money. Had we not purchased these extra cards, it's very likely the duty cycle of the thin clients would have been reduced, and then we would have spent even more money. Really, go back and read all of my posts.

PS: No Excel running at the City. OpenOffice Calc from Linux with no license costs :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you still tinkering around with that third world software? Get Vista and experience the WOW!

some guy said...

it looks like a nifty setup -- lots of computers working together.
(i linked here from Slashdot, looking for client computers or software for Windows computers running Desktop _Sharing_ (not Terminal Server).)

objection / edit request: careless references to "HP 5725" amount to a bum steer. Google can't even find "HP 5725" -- because there never was a 5725. i thought i was going crazy. HP has something called a t5725 (Google finds it).

HP Compaq t5725 is $450 list (buy 3 get one free this month). Linux inside (yay). ($499 for the same box with "XP embedded" (boo).) 1GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM; +512 MB flash instead of hard drive; and yesterday's 100MBPS NIC. hard to figure what all that money pays for -- a bottom-of-the-line Dell 320 at $393 clocks in with slightly more guts... so i guess it's a fair price. there are cheaper thin clients (HP Compaq t5530 $299 and t5135 $199), but they are really weak (800MHz and 400MHz).