Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Alfresco Upgrade, LibreOffice Work Around, Firefox 25

We had been testing Alfresco Community 4.2.c for a good while and getting positive feedback from our users.  Version 4.2.e came out and appears to be the version that will release as "4.2".  Naively, I thought there would be a ./install type upgrade with the latest code.  Alfresco upgrades are really more of a dump and reload, which increased the complexity of this greatly.  We decided to allocate some better hardware for this pilot project and for me to take the time to teach myself this process.  In a nutshell, you dump all of the data from Postgres and then it is restored on the new hardware.  You then bring over the alf_data directory and start up the daemons and hope it all works.  After a few test runs, I worked out all of the kinks and it came over and has been made available to end users.  

The LibreOffice 4.1 CMIS connector sadly no longer works with Alfresco.  I brought down LO 4.2 (Alpha) which has been resynced with the latest libcmis changed and it works like a champ, better than ever.  I have "upgraded" 5 of us to this release and we are going to begin testing saving and editing documents directly via LibreOffice -> Alfresco.  Response time and folder refreshes are much faster and the library changes are noticed and appreciated.  Let's see what feedback we get from the end users.

In the shot below, the new icons and art with Alfresco 4.2.e, and LibreOffice 4.2 making direct edits to files stored within the database.

Firefox 25 is out and fixes the issue of not honoring umask from the parent shell.  5 minutes after download, it was installed and live and we were fully patched.  800 users will be very happy about their file permissions.

Current Projects:  I'm looking over Ubuntu 10 loaded on the HP t610 thin clients and checking to see if it can be easily loaded onto 5745 and 5725 model thin clients.  This will continue with our design of having the same operating system on all workstations. I expect it to work, and easily.  Testing NX 4 client and server with the concept of using NX between all workstations and the server. 

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