Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Firefox 21 Changed Plugins Folder

Today was the day to install patches for Firefox and the various plugins, and at first I couldn't get Firefox to see the plugins at all.  It turns out they moved the folder and it's not really well documented, and doesn't seem to be in the release notes.  Maybe publishing the fix will help someone.  Seems like this is going to really break things on distros if users upgrade.

Previously plugins on a multi-user server were in


Now they are stored in



glandium said...

distros should be using /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins anyways.

Anonymous said...

What glandium said. You should be installing plugins to the standard systemwide directory.

Dave Richards said...

Happy to hear that maybe this is a "just me" issue. :) I like to isolate the plugins with Firefox. In some cases we have to run different versions of plugins and FF releases on the same server for (crappy) third party applications.

Richard Gress said...

Thank you. When using the non-packaged version of FF, knowing this is essential, and they keep moving it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave!