Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rewarding SuseCon, OpenSuseCon & Hackfest

I got back from Orlando last night after 4 days and it was a rewarding experience.  SuseCon had some great sessions that I enjoyed and I was was able to meet some people that I have chatted with through the years. Friday morning the wonderful GNOME hackers took a road trip back to Largo and visited our facilities.  They were able to see Linux and GNOME running on the desktop and look over the shoulders of users to see how "regular users" work and interact with software.  Saturday I was able to give a short 45 minute presentation on our technology and appreciate the number of people that attended.

The future of Linux and GNOME is bright and I was happy to help from a System Administrators perspective.

Thank you all.

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Uomo Ragno said...

Can we see slides of your presentation?