Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Support Portal Bar Graph Widgets Done

Just a quick update that I pushed live new code for our support portal which is polling a lot more servers now and displaying information in the UI.  We're tracking number of users, current load, memory consumption, disk consumption and print jobs.  Not having native chart widgets made this kind of tedious to build the charts, but once I figured it out I was able to dupe it and get it working pretty quickly.  I activated tooltips to display additional information.  For instance, hovering over the server name at the top now displays the CPU speed and number of cores.

You can hover over each chart element too and get detailed information about each time slice.

The little bit of time spent on this application is easily recouped by our IT department.  We're able to detect possible problems immediately and assist users before they even call.

Current projects:  Setting up the Zimbra demo for the Wifi so we can test with tablets; working through a few LibreOffice bugs and watching for patches (3.6 is working OK for the most part ); poking at the HP Ubuntu thin client upgrade and working out a plan for integration into our environment; Setting up a VNC pathway for a few tablets to begin logging into our GNOME servers using that protocol; reviewing NX alternatives (thank you for all of the suggestions and ideas); starting to think about the SuseCon/OpenSuseCon tour next month and best use of their time and transportation details.

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