Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank You For All You Do!

I only have two work days until an extended Christmas vacation and when I return it will nearly be the New Year.  I have received many very kind comments and email messages this last year, but to me the true heroes are those writing open source software.  When we speak to other Government agencies we are always proud of the fact that authentication, GNOME desktop, email client, internet browsing, photo editing and document construction are all done with NO LICENSES OR COST.  (( hardware cost aside).  You guys all rock.

As is tradition, I enabled good ol' Xsnow for users to activate on their desktops for these last few weeks of December; which is especially fitting here in Florida.

Thanks again to all of your hard word,  we have been able to deploy a desktop that looks like this:


Anonymous said...

What is your launcher?

Anonymous said...

Awesome desktop background! Where did you find it?

Dave Richards said...

@anonymous: The launcher is avant-window-navigator running in 2D.

@Kencrandall: I don't remember exactly where it was downloaded. But a quick look on seems to show it pretty easily by searching for "Firefox wallpaper"