Monday, November 07, 2011

Get It While It's Hot

Seemingly unannounced a new version of Adobe Reader was released in the last few days and it's here.
We have been very disappointed that that the last release was in February. I've seen countless exploit bulletins about this software in the last 9 months, but we'll take it.

The shot below shows Adobe 9.4.6 along with a friendly reminder popup that users see alerting them that other software exists for reading PDFs. :)

Bi-annual disclaimer: Yup, I know that Evince does a great job with PDFs. However there are certain types of 3D content that can be inserted into a PDF that will not display in Evince; we therefore have to offer both software packages.

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Anonymous said...

Some of us already know about evince, but keep using Adobe Reader because it has tabs and there are some nasty rendering bugs in evince.