Tuesday, February 08, 2011

GNOME Activity Journal + OpenOffice 3.3

It's been far too long coming, but after some pestering on #zeitgeist(sorry guys :) ), I have gotten the Activity Journal working for our users. Multiple users and documents being on NFS always makes these things more interesting, but I got it working well enough to push to testers.

Right now it's only showing documents created with OpenOffice via .recently-used.xbel; but this is the piece that helps us the most. Because we have a multi-server environment, there is separate instances of this file on different computers. I need to tinker with combining them together either over NFS or with some kind of merging process. That project is on the back burner though.

Here is the journal running from our NAS server. .recently-used.xbel is copied over from the OpenOffice server, loaded into $HOME , daemons started and the GUI launched. I'm sure I'll make improvements to the design as it's tested. So beagle is now bound to Windows+F5, and Journal is bound to Windows+F6. Documents searches have never been easier for our users.

Speaking of OpenOffice, I upgraded us to 3.3 this morning. It was the usual process: Close all running instances, block them from running it in the script, run the upgrade, QA that it worked and then open the one script to our 800 employees. So far no major issues and they are starting to test the new features.

Up next: Two days of debugging and testing Evolution. There are some problems and I want to create proper bug reports.

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