Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Already A Good Morning

Yesterday I blogged about some ideas we are experimenting with to reduce printing costs. It was one of those days where you walk out the door knowing that pieces are just about ready to work.

I wrote a few python lines of code for the Glade UI to copy a pdf template from a skel directory into the MobileDocuments folder of the individual user and then fire Xournal against that document. The results are below. I then simulated the stylus pen being used for note taking.

The documents created are 100% on the server and never on the local iPad/tablet (simulated) and immediately show up in the users full GNOME desktop. Double-clicking on the file brings up the PDF MIME bar which shows the document already available on the network.

I just have to learn a little about using the paste clipboard signal in python and that feature should be working here pretty quickly. That will allow Dragon Naturally Speaking documents to be pasted and immediately placed on the City servers.

Then I just need to write some code to create a listing of files in MobileDocuments and generate thumbnails. Not a bad start to my Wednesday.

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