Monday, October 04, 2010

MIME Update, Work Continues

I got a quiet day in today (no meetings!) to work on the new desktop design. I feel like the last major pieces are falling into place and once a good work flow is finalized, I can install the rest of the icons and increase the number of beta testers.

I'm testing some new ideas on the MIME bars that launch when you double-click on files. I wanted to try a "one stop shop" type approach. Everything you need to perform your task is on one screen. No further dialogs or hidden screens. I added a gtkcombobox with system printers. Once a printer is selected it 'sticks' each time a new document is double-clicked. This lets the user clearly see which printer will get their documents. With nearly 60 printers, people send things to the wrong printers *all* the time. I also have added a gtkentry widget to house a quick technique to send the file directly to the email post office. Very often we have users that have to email files to the same people over and over again. One click, and it's delivered; without having to wait for the Evolution composer and enter all of the details. I also connected the areas at the bottom that indicate the size of the file as a visual cue of file sizes.

I'm testing this dialog right now, and hope to have the rest (Pictures, Documents, Video) all finished by tomorrow.

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kwalo said...

This looks nice, but it lacks option to save to some other directory, than Desktop, or Documents, so I'd add third option - Other, which would open file chooser dialog.