Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recreation System, Milestone 1

Our IT/Integration division was able to go live with the first milestone of changes to the recreation system on a new server. I haven't been working on the coding on this project, but have been helping with some technical aspects including cameras, mockups, printing and ideas.

The old recreation system used older Motif widgets and was first built in the mid-1990s. We already had thin clients at that point. In the mid 90s the remote sites were in 8 bit color, 800x600 and only had limited bandwidth. The screens were built with those limitations in mind.
(shot below)

For the first milestone the front page was changed to a 'portal' which displays a lot more information. Motif was upgrade to 2.3 which gave us anti-aliased font. The theming system was upgraded as best as possible to allow GNOME colors to alter the look and feel of the software and match the rest of the applications. All of the code from the old system came over without modification; the screens just had to be touched in order to accommodate the new font metrics.

(shot below, no GUI nazis please :) )

The developers are now starting to alter the code of the screens and add functionality. The biggest new features being implemented are membership cards with photos and bar codes, and better accounting integration. If you are a citizen of Largo, these milestones will slowly increase the quality of your experience at our recreation sites. Be assured that all of this technology is being developed with costs and long term impact in mind.

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