Friday, May 28, 2010

XDMCP & OpenSuse 11.3 Anyone?

I have been poking at getting indirect XDMCP working on OpenSuse 11.3 with gdm with no success. Has anyone gotten this working? I did see that recently gdm was rewritten and there were some complaints that not all features were brought over to the new version.

Firewall is off on the inside network, gdm.schemas was edited..which looks like it replaced the custom.conf file. I put the lines into custom.conf anyway just to be safe. Xaccess looks good for indirect connections (*), yast2 security has remote connections allowed.

If anyone got it working, step by step instructions are appreciated.

I hate to think that 1975 xdm is going to be greeting our users on shiny new OpenSuse 11.3. :)

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Anonymous said...

Is it compile with tcp-wrappers? In that case /etc/hosts.allow should have a line for gdm in it.