Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thanks Pepp!

When you have an idea for a feature and do a bounty and finally get it back it's a wonderful thing.

Today we finally received just such a feature; Drop and drag from Evolution into PDF format. Being a Governmental agency, our users have to keep copies of hundreds of emails a day in project folders. Previously in order to keep them in PDF format, they would have to do them one at a time by "printing to PDF".

This feature will save us countless hours. Once it's been tested fully, I'll work with the Evo guys and get it merged into the community build too.

It's a good day.


Simon said...

So, drag-and-drop an email to a Nautilus directory essentially functions as a Print To File? Yeah, that could occasionally be useful..

Anonymous said...

You guys don't have a mail archiver? What about the Sunshine Law?

Dave Richards said...

@Simon: Yup, you set a gconf key to either mbox or pdf and then drop and drag works appropriately.

@Anonymous: Yup, everything is archived by IT for records requests which is unrelated to project folders. The users are responsible for maintaining project documentation. We have millions of email messages in storage.

Robert said...

Another handy tool when dealing with PDFs is pdfmod: