Thursday, October 22, 2009

Acrobat 9.2 Is Out

I normally don't blog about software updates. But from the Acrobat site when you attempt to download Reader, they are still pushing 9.1.2. That version along with 9.1.3 has lots of security alerts. After poking around for a while, I finally found that 9.2 is only available on their FTP site.

Yup, I know about Evince...but it's not an option for us at this time.


jalist' said...

Please, could briefly explain why Evince does not work for you?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, please do explain, so we can fix it.

anmar said...

No idea about their case, but at least for us evice's inability to properly select and copy text in a multi-column pdf (#325189) is the biggest reason acrobat gets used here at all at this point.

For some reason the public sector loves to publish stuff in a two columns layout.

Dave Richards said...

I have the utmost respect for Evince, and wish that we could integrate it into our technology more heavily. The primary problem is 'political'. We receive hundreds of PDFs a day, and if we used Evince and some failed to open; some of the users would begin the usual battle to get laptops with Windows and "real" Acrobat. What Acrobat gives us the ability to say "It's real Adobe Reader" and if it fails on Linux, it usually has problems on the other platforms too. What's ironic is that for 99.9% of documents Evince probably would work better for them, and display faster. I have been pondering ideas for how to allow people to use it optionally and will try and do this in the future.

Anonymous said...

Wish Evince or any of the other readers carried optional Javascript support.

Afterall - you can create JS-enhanced PDFs in Scribus but you need Acrobat to view them properly. (sigh)

GnomeWalker said...

When it comes to me, the most annoying is that Evince doesn't have the option to open documents in tabs.

If you have to keep a lot of documents open at the same time it's very hard to find the one you need at the moment when all the documents are opened in separate windows.
Otherwise, Evince is fine for me.

BTW, There are a lot of GNOME applications that support tabbed browsing (gedit for example), so why this basic feature doesn't work in Evince yet???

Anonymous said...

Please leave tabs out of evince, this should be inplemented in the window manager instead (mutter).

This will prevent every application from creating its own tab system implementation.

Anonymous said...

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