Thursday, July 23, 2009

Largo Hack Fest Wiki Page

Stormy has been so kind as to drop me a few lines concerning having a Largo Hack Fest. There are issues related to enterprise and thin client use of GNOME and Linux that I think would be interesting to all of you developers. I'm envisioning that we set up a network, and let you connect your laptops and software and then test them over remote display to thin clients and see how they work. Lot's of cool things happening with gnome-shell, but unfortunately I haven't had a free second to try and build it and test it remotely. I was also thinking that we could converse with neighboring City and County governments and have them directly describe issues they are having in thinking about moving to open source software. Lastly, we have around 800 'regular users' that can be used for focus group testing and bouncing ideas. Things that make sense only to technical people assure us of a nice 1% desktop share. :) We have to take strides to go after regular users, and enterprise usage. That's where the numbers will increase.

I know the Boston Summit is coming up soon, so we have to think about a time to hold the event. I have created a very basic Wiki page with my current ideas. You are very welcome to begin adding your own notes and ideas and let's try and get some dates locked in. It would be my pleasure to meet more of you face to face!


Mart said...

I don't suppose you've had time to test gtk+-2.17.5+ after the client-side-windows merge affects on thin clients usage?

Dave Richards said...

mart: I have not been able to do any testing at all on anything very recent. I'll be moving back into GTK and Compiz again in a few months. Only limited amount of hours :(

Anonymous said...


I think this is an awesome opportunity. Thanks!

We're looking for the right person to help organize it ... we've had a few bites.

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