Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Staging Firefox 3.1 Again

The last few weeks have certainly kept me busy. I have been prepping and testing Evolution 2.24 and OpenOffice 3.1 for deployment here at the City.

My next major project is to get the new Firefox server finished and deployed for the whole City. I got some excellent feedback from people with some parameters to tune to lower the memory footprint of Firefox. I also am testing some new code that extracts out certain settings from the users prefs.js file and then merges those changes back into a global template. This will ensure that everyone is always given a working session each time they click on the icon and can't configure it in a manner which "breaks" it (i.e, disconnecting from the proxy server or whatever).

I also have globally installed FoxTab (shot below) which gives Firefox the features in Safari 4 for displaying thumbnails in 3D of opened pages. No flame wars please - I don't know who did it first. :) But regardless, it's cool and is working well even over remote display.

I also updated to the latest version of Flash, and am now starting to poke at the issue of Firefox crashing the PULSE daemon on the thin clients. It appears that there are some settings where you can tune the priority of applications pushing sound to the daemon, and I think possibly the stock OpenSuse 11.1 settings are anticipating PULSE to be running locally on the same computer; and not being pushed over the network. I'm certain I'll find it.

Anyway, this seems like it's going to be a good upgrade and that people will like it.

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pbrobinson said...

I don't think the issues with Firefox crashing PulseAudio are just limited to thin clients across the network. There has been quite a discussion on it on the Fedora devel mailing lists about it crashing locally.