Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Training Classes Continue, Cleanups

I have been busy working on the new desktop deployment. I have been training employees and granting permissions for those that will have USB and Sound/Video/Audio access. Those permissions are based on paperwork and signature from their Directors. When we discussed deploying sound to desktops, one of my concerns was employees streaming radio stations which consumes network both on our intranet and on our internet connection. It only took a few days and sure enough that has started. A quick message to those folks halted that practice. I put mplayer and gnome-mplayer into their own group and then set them to 770 so that a Firefox user with some skill won't be able to execute them, even if they find the binaries.

During the training, I found that my hastily designed zenity UIs for weather-wallpaper and xplanet were not robust enough. So today I whipped up a few screens with Glade that are far more user friendly. (shots below).

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tm_lv said...

The three options make one to read all three descriptions to understand difference between modes (just like in these "spot 10 differences in two pictures" excercises).

I'd suggest to split those three into enable/disable and something like a "start on startup" checkbox below those two (caption should be rethought though)