Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Desktop Hexagon Cubed?

I'm prepping the Compiz-Fusion machine for city wide deployment and working on feature requests that we had on the older GNOME desktop. Previously, our support staff would use x11vnc and vncviewer to support users that are having problems. We have had requests to allow anyone in the City to use this capability. I wrote a small zenity and python front end and now employees can grant access for viewing, and also remote control other users desktops. Months ago when I did testing, Beryl didn't work well over VNC. I brought down the latest version of x11vnc and it's working much better. One can remote control another 3D desktop while using your own. (Shot below). Now, does this give you a headache or what? :)


Anonymous said...

Dave you seriously need to post your neat code and scripts that you write online, somewhere. Being years ahead of anyone else, it will be years before people will download and use those scripts, but it will be nice to know it's there ;-)

Dave Richards said...

Ha, I haven't done anything magical. The guy that wrote x11vnc deserves all the credit. It allows me to run completely host based software and not have to rely on the thin clients themselves. The less software you have local to the thin client, the better. Upgrades, patches and changes are all handled on the server and require no changes to users desktops. Up next for me is testing the new cache system in x11vnc and see if I can get some performance gains in the frame rate and repaints. Fun stuff.

Maxo said...

Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but wouldn't XDMCP be a better option for remote connections?