Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Re-Sync With Compiz Fusion

With a few tips from the IRC guys and some general poking, I was able to get Compiz-Fusion to run concurrently with Beryl on the same server, to our thin clients. Now that they have "un-forked", I need to jump in and help test. I have about 20 people using Beryl, and they will continue to do so until I have had a chance to do some tuning and QA work on Fusion. Some new plugins have been added since my last build in April (ages ago in Internet time!) and they are very welcomed. Expo is very slick, and allows you to move applications between viewports via thumbnails.

[ Shot: 1680x1050 x 16bit color giving me around 100FPS over our network. 1440x900 x 16bit is giving about 120FPS ]

[ Shot: Spinning hexagon, cool new reflection plugin underneath. ]


Anonymous said...

What thin clients are you using that handle compiz?

Anonymous said...

They're using HP Compaq t5725.

Dave Richards said...

HP t5725 thin clients, with optional expansion slot and ATI 9250 PCI based video cards.